Vincent Vallée

Vincent Vallée discovered the world of food and pastry at a very young age thanks to the seasonal work done in his parents' restaurant "Villa Dilecta" 1 Michelin star.

Seduced by the creative possibilities that pastry offers, he starts apprenticeship at the age of 15 with Jean Claude David (best worker in France glacier). He passes his BEP pastry and gets the title of best apprentice Vendée. It incorporates the relay dessert Alain Chartier (best worker in France glacier and world champion frozen desserts) to acquire his additional mention and technical patent pastry trades.

For three years, he worked at Patrick Gelencser, passionate master chocolatier (pastry dessert relay) where he discovered the sharp and demanding work of "Bean to Bar". It is with his colleague Romain Alain that a positive emulation and taste of challenge plunges him into the discovery of knowledge related to chocolate.

He passed his first contest in 2011 and won the second prize of the golden pod Vannes category sculpture chocolate.It is thanks to this first experience that he confronts the challenge of creation, research and taste For the competition.Since it is always with this desire of openness and curiosity supported by the requirement and the effort that it approaches its trade.

Vincent Vallée portrait
Vincent Vallée portrait

Discovering new horizons, he goes to the South-West and becomes head of the pastry / chocolate laboratory at Thierry Bamas (best worker in France pastry and world champion of frozen desserts). Driven by Thierry Bamas who believes in him, he enrolled in the Criollo Trophy he won and qualified for the World Chocolate Masters finals in France.

Motivated and supported by Thierry Bamas and Pierre Mirgalet (MOF chocolatier-confectioner), he won the French final of the World Chocolate Masters in Lyon and invested himself completely again to prepare for the final of the WCM, a hard work, a lot of rigor and a reflection.

His curiosity about life allows him to create an artistic piece full of emotion, where his female character, half feline and half human, is in total symbiosis with the nature that surrounds her, thanks to her skills of pastry cook and chocolatier Vincent successfully won the title of Best Artisan Chocolatier of the World by proposing to the tasting of the achievements whose taste balance in the mouth is meticulously and passionately worked until the perfect agreement.

This recognition and his curious and voluntary spirit l lead to surpass each other every day, to work on its technicality, to renew itself and to make new innovative discoveries.

To share his passion for chocolate and pastry at conferences and demonstrations, he is passionate about his passion for chocolate and confectionery and has new aspirations while remaining very attached to the reality of work.

The experience, the taste for doing well, the creativity and the realization of the treats of all kinds could not remain unknown to the general public. To do this, he creates WCM CHOCOLATE and opens its doors "2 bis Titouan Lamazou alley to Les Sables d'Olonne". A space dedicated to chocolate, macaroon, ice cream, pastry and other delicacies where Saveur rhymes with Happiness.